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Now Serving all of Dallas/Fort Worth, Lubbock, Austin, Texas

Linear Roofing is proud to offer our award-winning customer service paired with the latest in solar panel installation and maintenance with Linear Solar – available in Texas!

Save money on energy costs with a renewable and low footprint energy solution! The Linear Solar team can fit your home with a custom solution, expert maintenance, and reset services when needed.

Call today to schedule your FREE consultation and see if Linear Solar is a fit for your home!

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Lower Energy Costs

Solar Panels can greatly reduce your monthly electricity bills – most systems pay for themselves over time!

Clean Renewable Energy

Maximize your energy efficiency using a completely renewable and available resource. Your panels will draw energy even during cloudy days.

Increase Home Values

Homes with solar panels installed sell, on average, at 4% higher than homes without solar energy.

Ready to Go Solar?

Call the Linear team today for your complimentary Energy Audit and learn how you can leverage the 30% Federal Tax Credit that can be used towards your solar panels!

The Linear Solar team provides both Commercial and Residential solar options with seamless installation by our trained team and Linear’s world-class customer support and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the system produces more electricity than your home consumes?

The utility may credit your account for the surplus energy generated or credit you in ways of rollover credits to following months  (Varies per provider)

Can I lock in my Solar Payments?

Yes. Power companies continue to increase their rates. You can secure long term savings by investing in sustainable energy.

Can I get the Best Equipment?

We provide the highest quality equipment. I.e. Enphase. Likewise, there are performance guarantees. In addition to a full proprietary system monitoring application.

Can I go off the Grid?

Yes. Going off the Grid may be an option for those who choose to. Specifically those who choose battery backup systems.

Does solar energy save money?

Depending on your current rate, solar energy systems can save you money on your electricity bills by lowering the overall cost and protecting against future rate increases. Most systems pay for themselves over time!

Is solar energy better for the environment?

Solar power is a completely renewable and available resource with far lower greenhouse gas emissions and fewer air pollutant emissions than traditional energy sources.  

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are durable and weather resistant. On average, solar panels will continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years after installation.

How long do solar panels take to install?

Solar panel installation, on average, will take less than 6 hours for our contractor to complete.

Do solar panels work on cloudy or rainy days?

Solar panels will continue to convert sunlight to energy during cloudy and dark days, though they will produce slightly less output.

Can a solar energy system protect me from grid blackouts and outages?

Solar energy systems connected to the grid will experience the same interruptions as traditional energy systems. Battery backup systems can be used to avoid these outages.

How does solar impact my property values?

Solar installation is shown to increase property value, and homes with solar panels sell for more than houses without them. 

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Linear Roofing provides multi-family, commercial and residential roof replacement and repairs throughout Texas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, and more. We will not cut corners on roofing products or roofing workmanship. You deserve responsible and reliable roofing professionals with the experience and knowledge to provide quality results – Experience the Linear Difference.

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