Residence in Lucas

An initial inspection of this home in Lucas, TX showed signs of hail damage and black streak algae growth. While there were no signs of leaks, the hail damage had compromised the shingles to the point that damage to the interior of the house was imminent. The black streak algae growth, while not aesthetically pleasing, posed no structural damage to the roof.

After deciding to use Linear Roofing & General Contractors, LLC for the re-roofing contract, we coached the customer through the entire roofing process. The shingles that you see on top of this beautiful roof are the Owens Corning Duration in Colonial Slate color.

The Owens Corning roofing system is a much better roof than what the customer previously had covering his home. This new roof adds a superb curb appeal for resale value and better protection over the customer’s family’s heads.